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The very fast evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications is motivating hardware companies to become service providers as well. This can be a daunting challenge, as they need to implement a wide range of processes and infrastructures that are radically different from their core hardware business. To ease this transition, we offer complete M2M managed connectivity. Companies can now build a connected device business quickly and cost-effectively, without a significant up-front investment.

We connect products to applications and services, then facilitate management of the connected device throughout its entire lifecycle. Our M2M managed services can also enable billing, sales, inventory control, customer interactions and much more.

Our Solutions


Virtually 100% Coverage in Europe and Connectivity Worldwide

For a connected device to be truly useful, it needs to work wherever the customer happens to be. As an independent connectivity provider we are free to make agreements with multiple operators in all European countries.

This is why we are unique in our ability to provide virtually 100% European coverage. And, for worldwide service, we provide direct connectivity to Tier 1 providers.


A M2M Pioneer with More than 1 Million SIMs Connected

The M2M sector is in its infancy. That is why there aren’t many vendors like TERALINK Solutions who can say they’ve been providing connected device services for over 7 years.

And even fewer who have over 1 million M2M SIMs in connected cars in Europe. This headstart has enabled us to develop proven infrastructures and a control center that sets the standard for scalability, real-time visibility and interactivity.


Comprehensive M2M Solutions

Our M2M solutions extend from the M2M device to the M2M SIM, Mobile Network and M2M Platform.

Managed Connectivity

  • SIM data management – one SIM for global needs
  • Wireless services
  • Extended European coverage (no steering)
  • Management through our M2M Control Center
  • Core network elements dedicated to M2M customers


  • Standard SkySIM
  • SkySIM Argo M2M plugin
  • SkySIM Argo M2M SMD
  • SkySIM Argo in-car SMD

Fixed Connectivity

  • Internet
  • Private VPN

Flexibility to Create Cost-Effective Offers for Many Business Models

By mixing and matching rating elements, we can provide cost-effective and technologically compatible offers for a large range of business models.

The flexibility to determine the optimal solution for every unique business – rather than fit your business into a standard offer – sets us apart from other M2M providers. We use the following criteria to develop a solution just for you:

Number of Devices

How many devices do you want to connect now – and in the future?

  • Subscription tiers
  • Volume discounts
  • Per SIM or pooled plans
  • Commitment


Where will your devices need coverage?

  • Geographic zones
  • Usage limits per zone
  • Overage charges per zone


What kind of connectivity do you need? Will you sell services via your devices?

  • Data, SMS, voice
  • Content-based rating
  • Split billing
  • Event plans


Will your devices connect regularly in a consistent pattern or variably as needed?

  • Monthly recurring or fixed-term prepaid plans
  • Usage limits and pro-rated billing
  • Peak and off-peak rating
  • Add-ons for individual and pooled plans
  • Automatic rate plan changes and multiple renewal modes

M2M Control Center Powered by Jasper

Our M2M Control Center gives you unmatched control and managed service. You get real-time visibility with the ability to take real-time action. We take care of all the rest.

Plus, we give you configurable, automated provisioning with no charge for keeping the SIM in a ready state, installation, testing or distribution. Billing starts only when you activate the service and can bill your customer.

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A Responsive and Reliable Long-Term Partner

You can confidently work with us to build your connected device business. Operating for many decades and a fixture in Luxembourg, one of the most stable countries in the world, you can be certain that we will be a valued partner for the long-term.

And you can rest assured that we will continue to develop next-generation M2M tools and technologies, such as application enablement platforms and device management tools, that will make running a connected device business easier and more profitable.