5 Tips to Best Monitor Your Complex IT Infrastructure

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“More data, from more sources than ever before, and all of it digital.”

If we had to pare modern IT infrastructure down to a single sentence, this one clarifies it best. IT practices, systems, and infrastructures are changing swiftly, and businesses are being forced to evolve at the same pace by transforming their processes and IT infrastructure into a robust, centralised network.

In truth, managing this diversity of data can be a full-time job in itself. Digital bombardment is a chaotic reality that can quickly turn into network downtime, so we’ve outlined 5 important tips to take into consideration when deciding on the platform to monitor your IT infrastructure.

Decide on a Network-Monitoring Strategy

First off, you need to decide which metrics are important to you as a business. These metrics should provide valuable information that converts into effective monitoring and performance in the long run.

Choose a Centralised IT Infrastructure Dashboard

IT staff are consistently being kept on their toes by the abundance of data coming in at any given moment. For this reason, it’s important your business acquires a monitoring tool that collates data into a single, user-friendly dashboard so that nothing falls through the cracks.

PostPilot fits the bill neatly with a custom-designed dashboard that gives you insight into the performance of all the devices in your IT environment, in real-time, and around the clock. PostPilot is lightweight on resources, fast and simple to implement, and can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Program Alerts to Streamline the Process

After you’ve cemented both your strategy and monitoring tool, it’s time to decide on which alerts should be prioritised. It’s crucial that your team sees messages that indicate immediate problems, before those that signify trends and demand a more long-term analysis.

PostPilot’s intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures you’re able to separate these alerts simply and conveniently via real-time monitoring. Your staff will receive around-the-clock SMS and email alerts about problems affecting your IT infrastructure, with incident tickets being generated for every alert. This quicktime notification process helps your staff quickly resolve incidents to prevent system bottlenecks, and monitor less pressing alerts for long-term network health.

Keep Your IT Infrastructure in Shape

Once everything’s up and running, it’s crucial that your network stays that way to avoid unnecessary downtime. Before issues get as far as the help desk, they should be flagged and tracked by a consolidated monitoring plan that protects the overall health of your IT infrastructure.

PostPilot unifies data into one easily accessible dashboard so your staff can evaluate trends and execute plans to meet the demands of increased traffic. An efficient, healthy, and responsive network improves user experience, which in turn maximises brand equity in users’ eyes.

Select PostPilot for Easy-to-use, Comprehensive Monitoring

PostPilot’s intuitive, simple interface leaves no digital thread hanging when it comes to the monitoring of your vital IT infrastructure. Because it does not require a specific infrastructure, hardware, or initial software investment, PostPilot is easily integrated into your business’s existing network. In addition, there is no long-term commitment required on your part — no lengthy contracts or lock-in deals — so you’re free to leave whenever you desire.

For your free 1-month trial, simply provide your name and email address here. Alternatively, you can book a consultation with our team.

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