Why the Cloud Makes Sense: The SeeZam Story

I’m Pierre Van Wambeke, CEO of SeeZam, and I was invited by Micael Weber from TERALINK to share the story of how our company has built its business model around Cloud technologies. While many companies are just starting to think about Cloud Computing and how it can… Read more

The Ebooks Revolution – From Germany to Luxembourg

As an ecommerce executive in Europe, I have been fascinated to observe first-hand for over a decade how US-based companies continue to influence the ecommerce economy in Europe. As recently as 10 years ago, most of these companies did not have access to the EU market, and… Read more

The Luxembourg Trade Office in Israel Is Very Effective

It is a priority of the Luxembourg government to make the country a very attractive place for ICT and Media companies to establish their European headquarters. Initiatives, in partnership with companies like P&TLuxembourg and its international broadband network… Read more

The Year of Internet Privacy – Separate but Related Data Protection Initiatives in the US and EU

The year has started quite well for Internet privacy advocates. First there was the publication on January 25, 2012 of the EU´s proposed data protection legislation to replace the existing legal framework which has been in place since 1995. About a month later, on… Read more

How the “Cloud” Adds Real Business Value

In my previous blog, I began lifting the fog that obscures a clear definition of the “Cloud.” To continue, I’d like to talk now about several other key attributes of “cloud services.” I’ll begin with pricing, which is a major reason why companies turn to it.… Read more

Attend the World’s Largest Hosting Event… With Free Entry!

If you haven’t yet attended WorldHostingDays in Germany, you’ve missed one of the most energising events in the entire silicon sphere. 3,500 people attended last year to hear presentations and attend sessions led by key people from dozens of the digital industry’s… Read more

Innovative Israeli Companies Find a Warm Welcome in Luxembourg

In 2011 I went to Israel to follow up contacts I had made in a previous visit in 2010. This time, in partnership with consultants and lawyers from Luxembourg, I organized and moderated the “Gateway to Europe” conference that was attended by many Israeli companies, most… Read more

Developing a Strategy to Attract U.S. Online Business to Luxembourg

Thanks to the many ICT and business advantages that Luxembourg offers, several U.S. online gaming companies and other e-businesses have recently established their European headquarters here. I’ve made it a point to talk with them and understand why they chose… Read more