Run the Cloud Your Way

No two businesses are alike. That’s why no two Cloud implementations should be the same.

TERALINK Solutions has a comprehensive Cloud offering with all the infrastructure and software options you need to conduct business – productively and cost-effectively.

You can choose to run the Cloud yourself, in our Virtual Private Cloud environment, or you can take advantage of CloudBizz, where we give you a turnkey, managed service. If you prefer, we can create a hybrid solution for you, where you can choose the IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and storage you need.



With our VPC you have dedicated resources in an IaaS environment. This gives you the elasticity and scalability you expect from the Cloud plus the flexibility, security and privacy that you simply can’t have with shared resources. We take care of the hardware and connectivity; you manage the infrastructure to achieve your business goals.

  • No investment – you pay as you go
  • Cost-efficient
  • Physical servers located in Luxembourg – a highly regulated environment that ensures the highest standards in security and privacy


For a turnkey ICT infrastructure, CloudBizz gives you complete Cloud services with flexible modules that let you choose exactly what you need. In an integrated environment, your workstations are provisioned with all basic resources and your choice from a hundred software options.

Productivity is increased with our full collaboration suite and we can host your own applications. CloudBizz is easy to use and always available – anywhere, on any device.


Our Cloud services offer you a complete, technical environment that unifies communications, collaboration, servers, desktop applications, storage and connectivity. Plus, you have a platform where you can run your own applications. Services are modular and flexible, so you can choose the combination of Cloud solutions you require. In addition, we can develop “hybrid” implementations that integrate Cloud services into existing enterprise networks.


With our IaaS offering, part of a datacenter is dedicated to each customer. This “Virtual Private Cloud” approach differentiates us from mass market vendors, and provides a higher level of functionality, flexibility, security and availability.

  • Very fast and highly secure layer 2 or 3 connectivity from your location to the datacenter
  • Multi-site infrastructure with hypervisor computing, storage, backup, network and security
  • Managed service is available


We provide virtual machines (VMs) as a service that can be used to house Cloud services and your applications. You have the flexibility to select the platform that fits your needs, from 1 CPU with 2GB RAM up to 8 CPU with 16GB RAM. Plus, you can run only your own applications or choose to include specific Cloud services. What we provide includes:

  • Virtual servers, operating software, memory and storage
  • Security, network connection, backup/restore, control panel and dashboard
  • Operation of servers, licenses, monitoring and management


Our SaaS solutions let you run your private cloud at your own speed. You can mix and match – or scale up and down – from options that include voice, business mail, collaboration, desktop resources and storage. You can count on our ICT experts to work with you to plan, migrate and run your project, and to provide you with value add solutions at each step.

  • Private cloud service from datacenters in Luxembourg
  • Additional functionalities include archiving, social, consulting
  • Complete integration in an easy-to-use environment


Our datacenters are located in Luxembourg, which has instituted a very strict regulatory regime to ensure data privacy and security. Fully compliant with Luxembourg’s PSF and CSSF regulations, we have developed storage expertise over years of service to financial and governmental institutions, and global enterprises.

  • Central European location puts you right next to over 500 million eConsumers
  • Count on the highest level of discretion and security


To give our international customers the ability to store data closer to customers in connected datacenters around the world, we’ve signed a partnership agreement with Bluemix® - an IBM Company. Through one Cloud in 40 interconnected datacenters worldwide, Bluemix® combines public virtualized, private virtualized and dedicated bare-metal servers with a global high-performance network. You can, for example, store data in our Luxembourg datacenter plus Bluemix® datacenters around the world.

  • Deploy whatever you want – Linux, Microsoft, Citrix or Vmware
  • Get a carrier-grade global network through Bluemix's own infrastructure and key partners such as TERALINK Solutions
  • Benefit from global DDOS mitigation and complete single pane management