Why you should consider TERALINK Solutions as your chosen MSP to deliver a great OTT service

Why You Should Consider TERALINK Solutions as Your Chosen OTT Services Provider

Broadcasting OTT video isn’t a case of simply uploading a video to YouTube and hoping for viewers. If you want to deliver superior content and viewing experiences to your audience, whether local or international, you need to ensure that the IT side of your OTT video operation is seamless. OTT video providers can either handle the production, distribution and consumption of content in-house or outsource these crucial steps to an OTT services provider, such as TERALINK Solutions.

In this blog, we’ll look at what OTT service providers stand to gain by partnering with TERALINK Solutions.

Outsourcing OTT services allows for greater flexibility than performing these tasks in-house and reduces overall cost

An increasing number of digital media businesses are turning to third-party OTT services providers to manage the distribution of their content. The alternative to outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is to receive, encode, encrypt and store the signal in-house. This requires building a dedicated team of highly-skilled technicians to manage the process, which can be costly and slow. There are benefits to keeping OTT services in-house, but it also means higher running costs and less flexibility to scale up or down, depending on demand for your content. You can read more about the advantages of outsourcing OTT services in our previous blog.

Before outsourcing OTT services, partner with the right MSP

Outsourcing OTT services might be the more practical and cost-effective approach to transmitting video content to your audience, but that doesn’t mean any MSP will do. The efficiency of your IT infrastructure determines the success of your content distribution, and the MSP you partner with needs to be able to match (and surpass) your IT requirements. They must have a detailed understanding of your industry, with proven experience servicing businesses like yours. The nature of broadcasting requires your entire broadcast process to be seamless. With an MSP that provides end-to-end service delivery, you can rest assured that the entire process is consistent and in capable hands. As your business grows and as the nature of content consumption evolves, your MSP needs to be able to keep up and optimise their service as your requirements change. Make sure you choose one that can also advise you on the best way to improve your systems, as well as offer round-the-clock support and comprehensive data security measures.

Our turnkey solutions guarantee that every aspect of OTT content distribution is managed effectively

TERALINK Solutions offers integrated and custom OTT services for digital media companies like yours. We’re aren’t locked into an agreement with any vendor, meaning we have the liberty to offer you the best infrastructure options for your broadcasting requirements. Our turnkey solutions manage every aspect of delivering content to viewers, including CDN services, encoding, storage and streaming—this means you save time and money by only working alongside one MSP. We draw up SLAs to guarantee you the best warranty on quality. Our location in Luxembourg, home to the SES European Satellites Infrastructure and Radio Television Luxembourg, positions us among one of the world’s leading TV and media sectors.

To find out more about managing OTT services in-house vs outsourcing to a managed services provider, download the guide

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