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Interview of David Naramski,
Partner at Nowina Solutions

Can you tell us about Nowina Solutions?

PostPilot - Interview of David Naramski

Started in April 2014 and based in Kehlen (Luxembourg), Nowina Solutions is an IT services company that provides complete solutions for computerising processes integrating an electronic signature. Nowina develops these tailor-made solutions as part of a holistic approach. They provide real added value via an increased efficiency because they are simpler, more secure and less expensive.

These solutions are based on both a unique technological expertise and a robust knowledge of the industry, organisation and regulations. This enables Nowina to rethink their customers’ business by placing the issues of productivity and regulatory compliance at the core of their digitalisation solutions.

What problems did you have at the beginning?

As an IT services company we regularly have to travel to our customers on consultancy assignments. Myself, I often have to travel. So I was looking for a solution that would save me time and enable me to remotely manage our servers - located in our offices in Kehlen or in the cloud - as well as our fleet of laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The solution I was looking for had to provide a dashboard on a single screen providing an overall display of the memories available, updates to be done, hard drives, etc.

Why/how did you come to POST, TERALINK Solutions' mother company?

POST is the benchmark operator in Luxembourg and provides complete solutions from an IT point of view, whether relating to infrastructures or software solutions. So it seemed obvious to us to ask POST for advice in helping us find a solution for remotely managing our infrastructure. What solution did POST set up for you? After having explained our problems, the POST experts suggested the PostPilot solution which perfectly met our expectations and requirements.

What does the solution consist of?

The PostPilot tool enables me to remotely manage our IT infrastructure, so that I can see that everything is working well and to do any updates needed. The tool also enables problems to be identified. So, from the first week in use, the PostPilot solution reported a problem that went by more or less unseen until then.

This problem identification is based on around a hundred parameters and a report is sent to me automatically when one of these parameters goes outside normal values. Not only does the high number of parameters provide complete cover for potential problems, but the report also enables me to be warned immediately in the event of a problem and to take action without delay.

To what extent has this new solution changed your way of working? By enabling me to more easily manage our infrastructure from the outside, I can be more available to our customers, whilst having a reactive and well managed infrastructure.

What benefits/advantages do you get from our solution set up in your company?

The advantages of the PostPilot solution are both a saving in time and an increase in quality. By clearly displaying the status of our IT infrastructure and by sending me a report in the event of a problem, the tool lets me know when certain actions from me are required.

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