Improve Performance by Monitoring Your IT Infrastructure Effectively

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A machine runs best when its parts work together efficiently.

This statement is especially true for your IT infrastructure and the effectiveness of your network monitoring.

A network’s operational stability is crucial to the functioning of your business because its performance — negative or positive — affects other areas of your workspace. For example, a bottleneck in the system could seriously hamper service delivery, while a free-flowing network not only provides excellent user experience, but facilitates business growth too. With this in mind, we’ve outlined a few important steps to putting a robust monitoring strategy in place.

Identify & Collect Critical Data

To get a clear picture of your IT infrastructure as a whole, you need a granular understanding of its intricacies. PostPilot is an invaluable tool that makes it easier than ever to manage your network’s individual IT system components. Through incisive, real-time monitoring, PostPilot is able to track how network upgrades, hardware changes, or new application versions are affecting your network. With this data, your team will be able to effectively implement any necessary solutions should problems occur.

Outline Your Escalation Plan & Enable 24/7 Monitoring

Once the necessary information has been identified, it needs to be passed on to the relevant person, at the correct time. With custom reports tailored to your network’s needs, 24/7 incident alerts, and automatic ticket generation, PostPilot ensures that the member best suited to the task will be notified in real time, at all hours of the day.

Anticipate Network Capacity

By analysing the collected data, your team will identify any resources close to exhaustion and implement the necessary upgrades as a pre-emptive solution. PostPilot facilitates this by providing concise, real-time summaries of workstation, device, and server status, as well as urgent alerts for backup jobs, antivirus software, or capacity issues. When you can predict problems and actively put solutions in place to avert them, you essentially future-proof your network and its performance.

Create Robust Backup Plans

Can you think of anything that warrants “crisis mode” more than a system failure and the subsequent loss of vital data? We can’t either! While effective monitoring can predict and solve most problems, sometimes it’s just not enough. In the unfortunate event of a system crash, your IT infrastructure needs a foolproof backup plan to prevent severe operational breakdown.

Enter PostPilot. Our backup system allows you to protect your data and quickly restore it in case of a problem with your workstations or servers. What’s more, you have the option of defining multiple backup policies, such as saving .db files every hour, or only your local disks every day.

Choose PostPilot for Monitoring That Perfects Performance

PostPilot does not require a specific infrastructure, hardware, or initial software investment, so the interface is easily integrated into your business’s existing network. What's more, PostPilot doesn't come with lengthy contractual obligations or punishing lock-in clauses, leaving you free to opt-out at any time.

Get your free one-month trial by registering here with just your name and email address. Alternatively, you can book a consultation with our team.

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