How M2M can benefit your business

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M2M & IoT

M2M is undoubtedly having a massive impact on the way many organisations do business. Whether you’re in healthcare, mining, retail or a number of other industries, companies are looking at how they can implement M2M to their benefit.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits M2M offers you, regardless of the industry you’re in.

M2M improves operational efficiency

M2M devices help improve operational efficiency in a number of ways. For example, in manufacturing, M2M devices are used to monitor machines on the production line. If a machine reports unusual behaviour, such as an increase in operating temperature, a warning will be sent. This allows a repair technician to perform necessary maintenance before the machine breaks, reducing downtime and improving the operational efficiency of the production line.

Another example is how vending machines are equipped with M2M devices to monitor stock levels. Thanks to M2M, the vending machine can track how much stock is available and send a notification to the company when stock starts to run low. An employee no longer needs to perform the stock check and the order in person, improving the efficiency of this particular business processes.

M2M improves quality of products and services

The ability to automate production and services with M2M can directly result in a better quality product or service. For example, M2M allows for contactless payments, reducing the time a customer would normally take to pay. This allows you to process customers quicker, decreasing the time they spend in queues.

M2M can also indirectly benefit the quality of a product or service. By using M2M to improve efficiency, you free up resources that can be used to improve other areas of the product and service.

M2M improves decision-making

M2M devices can continuously gather data and communicate it in real time. If you are involved in an industry where this kind of information is critical, such as manufacturing or environmental monitoring, you can make better informed decisions.

M2M devices are also a key part of the data gathering process that feeds big data. Once the information is gathered, it is then analysed for trends and patterns, providing you with additional critical information to inform your decision-making.

If you are shipping temperature sensitive items in a container and you notice an increase in temperature, you can inform the driver to stop and check the container. If a problem is confirmed, you can decide how to handle it, such as implementing repairs or moving the stock to another container.

M2M improve cost-efficiency and ROI

M2M improves cost efficiency and ROI by improving the efficiency of your business processes throughout. For example, if you need to gather data from a device or perform a software update, you no longer need to send an employee to do this. You can use M2M technology to perform this task remotely, reducing the financial costs usually associated with manually performing these types of tasks.

M2M has unlimited scalability

M2M is designed in such a way that it’s easy to scale your M2M solution to suit the shifting needs of your company. On a smaller scale, if you run a shipping company and you have recently bought new trucks, these vehicles can easily be equipped with the necessary M2M devices and added to your system. Similarly, if there is an accident and one of your vehicles is damaged beyond repair, it can easily be removed from your M2M network.

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