The ideal management tool for security-sensitive, protocol-driven events.

Do you need a secure, centralised solution
to manage events from end to end?

NOVENTO makes it easy to host successful events

Hosting an event takes a lot of careful planning, especially when you’re dealing with large volumes of attendees and strict security requirements.

Often, you’ll be dealing with many stakeholders, sharing data across multiple touchpoints and juggling a whole suite of tools that each handle only a small part of the whole – from database management, to security, to registration, etc.

Dealing with so many separate data sources and time-intensive manual processes means that managing events is prone to errors and miscommunication. Sensitive data is often dispersed among several email accounts, software platforms and staff members.

Novento is a one stop solution that allows event organisers to collaborate on a single, shared platform, which ensures information is always accessible and up to date.

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Novento Solution

TERALINK Solutions’ NOVENTO is far more
than just an event registration platform

TERALINK Solutions’ NOVENTO is far more than just an event registration platform: it’s a web-based, end-to-end accreditation software solution capable of handling every facet of your event, with several accreditation processes and rules that are customisable by the number of attendees or participants.

NOVENTO is designed and used for events with protocol management requirements, and is based on a robust, secure and adapted technical infrastructure.

Our software features several accreditation validation steps, including security access levels and tasks on a per-user basis.

What’s more, our system is intuitive and user-friendly enough for anyone to use to its full potential – regardless of whether you have previous experience organising high-level, multiple and security-sensitive events. NOVENTO guides you through the event organisation process from end to end and provides advice around logistics and security.

Plus, using NOVENTO means you get on-demand access to an expert team with years of experience organising protocol-heavy events according to best practices in the field.

NOVENTO’s features include

  • Registration and accreditation of multiple types of attendeesHandle registration and accreditation of delegations, suppliers and staff, press, liaison officers, drivers and more with individual or group requests for participation
  • Tailored registration websites by participant typesNOVENTO allows fully flexible processes, in order to help you improve customer satisfaction and limit potential security risks
  • Real-time access controlSpecific access control with functions including barcodes, areas and privilege access
  • Integrated, real-time dashboardA live dashboard that provides all relevant data and statistics
  • Automated email functionalityFully automated email functions and confirmation requests
  • A complete transport and convoy module
    Identify vehicles and allocate drivers, delegates and liaison officers per mission, day, and more
  • Integrated badge design module Handle badge design, printing and management from one central location
  • Built-in localisation features
    Including form adaptation, an integrated translation engine and document management
  • Advanced export functionality
    Including automatic exports by use
  • Meeting places and site management
    Including support for logistics, equipment and catering services
  • Peripherals and merchandise
    Event accessories including pins, lanyards and more, produced by top-quality manufacturers and customised to your needs

Why trust TERALINK Solutions?

NOVENTO is a trusted, web-based accreditation and management solution for security sensitive, protocol-driven events. Since 2005, 14 countries in the EU have used NOVENTO during their presidency, and the software has also been successfully implemented for large events such as the G7 Summit, the OSCE Ministerial, the ASEM Summit, and the G8 and G20 Finance meetings.

TERALINK Solutions is a small, specialised team within a state-owned telecom operator able to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and quality service delivery. We develop SLAs on a per-client basis to ensure that we provide the most valuable and cost-effective solution for you. As a Microsoft Partner, our dedicated connectivity team manages PoPs in Amsterdam, Paris, London and wherever else you need them.

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