With PostPilot Backup, we can back up our customers’ data every day!

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Interview of David Schandel,
Director at InTimes

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InTimes IT in a few numbers :

Area of activity:

IT services, web and application development company Domain registration and management, web hosting, e-mail address(es) shared hosting service, hosted exchange solution, cloud computing, customer data backup.


Protecting customers’ data with reliable protection in Luxembourg.

Context and requirements:

Our activities go from IT fleet management (PCs and servers) to application maintenance for our customers. Our maintenance contracts cover all the technical IT tasks that a business may face.

It is therefore essential that we find a partner who is able to provide us with a solution that guarantees protection and a reliable backup of our customers’ data.

The choice of solution:

We wanted to work with a reliable partner, and a real expert in the IT field. As POST, the mother company of TERALINK Solutions, is a significant IT player in Luxembourg, in our opinion, our choice was naturally their PostPilot Backup solution.

PostPilot Backup meets every one of our needs relating to backing up our customers’ data.

The solution is very advantageous because:

  • Backups are managed automatically
  • In the event of a problem, an alert is sent to us directly by e-mail
  • It is easy to install on Linux and Windows

This solution provides peace of mind for us, and for our customers, and is so user-friendly that we plan to go much further with POST and to ask them for their expertise again: we have a project for hosting several virtual machines with POST for applications and to set up a document archiving system!


Although a backup system is still the best weapon for protecting yourself against “Sync and Share” type attacks (DropBox, OneDrive, etc.), it does not protect you from the “CryptoLocker” type infection, nor now against many other types of infection, because these systems, based mainly on a duplication principle, do not make the distinction between “clean” data and “infected” data: the infection is therefore duplicated with the data.

Furthermore, most of these solutions enable you to connect to them with a separate drive, and in this case your drive is automatically infected in the same way as your local drives, with the aggravating factor that all the equipment connected to this drive has a strong chance of being infected in its turn.

So to prevent any bad reviews from people who cannot read your files because there is no backup, think about PostPilot.

The PostPilot solution integrates a real business-level backup solution that will protect you from these annoying problems and enable you to back up your data on an external site. Download PostPilot's brochure bellow or start your free trial straight from our IT infrastructure management solution's page.

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