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Interview of Grégory Cladera,
CEO at RG System

TERALINK Solutions - RG System Gregory Cladera TestimonialRG System is a French company offering an infrastructure monitoring and data back-up solution in SaaS mode.

Founded in 2008, the start-up implements an agile approach that enables it to continually improve its solution and even adopts a roadmap for development that is produced in consultation with its clients.

Its services require an as-you-grow infrastructure with the ability to support the challenges it faces, and POST Luxembourg, TERALINK Solutions’ parent company, was able to provide exactly that.

We interviewed RG System CEO Grégory Cladera and POST Product Manager Frédéric Del Pino to gain some insight into what the project involved.

What was the initial need expressed by the client?

We wanted to develop a supervisory solution in SaaS mode that was based in Luxembourg. RG System, which was selected from among 5 other products that we looked at, had an SaaS tool but it was hosted at French data centres, so we asked them to install an instance of the software in the Grand Duchy. When RG System looked into this option in greater detail it decided to transfer all of its infrastructure to POST and in doing so lay the foundations for a long-term partnership.

The project was designed to achieve 4 main objectives:
  • to streamline infrastructural costs
  • to avoid creating several instances of infrastructure so as not to make the management process any more complex than it needed to be
  • to take advantage of developments in Luxembourgish legislation with regards to data protection
  • to work with a reliable national operator with a solid reputation in the field of infrastructure hosting

What challenges did you have to overcome?

RG System needed a conventional hosting solution with a number of specific technical features, including the following:

  • machines equipped with certain specific resources in terms of disk
  • processor and memory the ability to manage tens of thousands of connections via tens of thousands of sessions at the same time an adaptable solution with scope for continual improvement

What solution did you implement?

We provided a dedicated infrastructure based on network services, computing power and storage that was delivered in service mode and is hosted on servers located at POST data centres in Luxembourg. RG System pays for the service in monthly instalments, with no initial investment. We work closely together to ensure that we are meeting all developmental needs as if the infrastructure were hosted at RG System’s premises.

With this in mind we have adapted the POST Private IaaS solution to reflect RG System’s specific needs in terms of resources and their specific technical features. The solution works based on a pay-as-you-grow model that enables RG System to keep a lid on its growth costs. We began with just a few machines and the infrastructure now incorporates several dozen.

Questions put to Grégory Cladera on behalf of RG System

What made you switch to a new service provider to host your infrastructure?

We were looking for a service provider with a more international profile. POST was able to accommodate our technical constraints and enabled us to take things further by developing a partnership through which to commercialise RG System solutions across Luxembourg.

What benefits does this new hosting solution represent?

Data security, for a start, thanks to the regulatory requirements of Luxembourg’s PSF standard.
Then, of course, there is the actual scale of the infrastructure, with a significant storage capacity and several data centres that can accommodate our needs. “POST has enabled us to industrialise our processes”.

What would you say are the advantages of working with a player like POST?

The main advantage is our partnership-based approach. We have established a close relationship between our two companies that promotes responsiveness between our respective teams and a sense of personal service.

How did you find the support you received from the POST teams on this project?

We approached the project from a ‘win-win’ perspective that allowed both parties to adapt to the constraints and requirements of the other. POST has enabled us to industrialise our processes and we have enabled them to adapt their cloud offering. We have each benefited from the other's specific fields of expertise and technological prowess.

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